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Lexington, North Carolina, Criminal Defense and DWI Attorneys

At Barnes, Grimes, Bunce & Fraley, PLLC, we have tried and won countless criminal cases. Attorney Jerry Grimes has been handling criminal defense matters in Davidson and Davie counties since 1963, while attorney Shawn Fraley has invaluable insight into the tactics and strategies used by the State due to the time he spent serving as an assistant district attorney. Together, our attorneys work to build our clients strong defenses by uncovering any essential evidence or exposing any incidents of impropriety on the part of law enforcement officials.

Our criminal defense and DWI attorneys offer a free initial consultation. Credit cards are accepted for legal services.

Our Criminal Defense Representation Spans Serious Felonies and Misdemeanors
Our lawyers offer capable counsel to those charged with:

  • Drug possession and drug-related charges, involving marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and prescription drugs, among other controlled substances
  • Serious Felonies and Misdemeanors
    • Assault, often due to an incident involving a fight or the use of a gun, knife or other weapon
    • Property crimes, such as larceny and trespassing

Aggressive DWI Attorneys Protect Your Rights under North Carolina Law

If you have been charged with a DWI, you are right to be concerned about the loss of your driver's license and other penalties, such as jail time, large fines and increased insurance rates. In fact, the North Carolina legislature has been tightening laws and making the consequences for drunk driving more severe for years. If you have had more than one alcohol or drug-related arrest and are going to be prosecuted as a repeat offender, it is now more important than ever to consult with an experienced criminal defense/DWI attorney.

We thoroughly understand the laws covering drunk driving, drugs, assault, traffic violations and other criminal offenses. Equally important, we are very familiar with how our local judges have interpreted and applied those laws. Our attorneys have successfully challenged many aspects of traffic stops and arrests including Breathalyzer procedures, blood test results, the absence of probable cause and the validity of road blocks.

Due to our experience with the district and superior courts, we can offer forthright and honest opinions regarding the outcome of your case and any probable consequences. We do not believe in offering false hope. However, if the case against you can be challenged, we are absolutely willing to take your case to trial.

To discuss your criminal defense, please call Barnes, Grimes, Bunce & Fraley, PLLC at (336) 313-0261 or contact us by e-mail.

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